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Frequency Clock, 57mm digits

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  • The Wharton 6000 series of Ethernet-enabled, time and frequency control and monitoring clocks provide a simple integrated time display and time synchronisation control unit for power generation, distribution and control facilities. They are particularly suitable for use in isolated environments.
  • In addition to displaying an accurate standard time, the frequency-time derived via the isolated dedicated supply frequency measurement input and the time difference between the standard time and the frequency-time the monitoring clock has a precision frequency meter.
  • Single row of 4 data elements displayed in 57mm LED digits: Frequency, Standard Time, Time Difference, Frequency Time


  • The 6010 frequency control clock is fitted as standard with an internal, temperature compensated, quartz crystal oscillator that provides the standard time display with a typical accuracy of better than 0.1 seconds per day.

For higher levels of accuracy, you can synchronise your 6010 series clock to an external time reference:

  • GPS derived precision time signals via a Wharton 488HS GPS time signal receiver.
  • Time synchronisation via the unit’s standard 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface with a remote NTP (Network Time Protocol) time server across a TCP/IP computer network.
  • Synchronisation via Wharton time code from a 5200 series master clock.
  • Synchronisation via RS232/RS485 serial messages from Symmetricon XLi with Frequency and Time Module or other remote intelligent time & frequency computer equipped with an RS232/RS485 serial interface and programable message output format.
  • Three voltage free relay contacts rated at 30V DC 500Ma are user programable to provide simple remote signalling periodic time signals and user-selected time and frequency error states.


  • The high-quality enclosures have a silver or black finish. Alternative colours or finishes are available at additional cost.
  • Base model clocks are suitable for freestanding or wall mounting using the multi-angled brackets supplied. Mounting options include cases for flush wall mounting and single or double-sided clocks with mounting supports for ceiling suspension.
  • 110-250V AC 50/60Hz power supply.
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