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We Ship Australia Wide

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For Tower Clocks with up to 4000mm dial diameter

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  • For use in a tower clock or similar. The hands do not need to be behind glass and can be exposed to the elements.
  • Made in Germany using only top quality components. These industrial grade movements are designed to last and are used in many of the iconic clock towers throughout Europe.
  • The movement is made to order so you can specify the length of the shaft, taking into account the thickness of the wall.
  • Movement needs to be mounted to the dial or surrounding structure via a separate mounting bracket which needs to be custom made to suit your requirements..

Movement is available in three forms to accept various types of timing inputs:

  • GPS – – unit can be supplied with the electronics and a separate GPS antenna to provide a fully self-contained solution where the time will always be accurate and will never require manual adjustment. Daylight saving changes (if applicable) are fully automatic.
  • Impulse – 24VDC reverse polarity impulse of from a master clock, such our 5200 series, Tempus, Tempora, or SHU1500. Daylight saving changes (if applicable) are handled by the master controller.
  • 240VAC A/B – requires a Tempus or Tempora master controller.
  • Movement is supplied with hour and minute bosses to enable the hands to be attached to the shafts.
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