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Outdoor Waterproof Digital Clock

January 18, 2021 / / by Domain Bird Support

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We are dedicated to giving you the best deals and high quality products. Hertz Electronics continues to provide a huge selection of the very best products and excellent customer service experience.

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Do you need Large Outdoor Digital Clocks Waterproof?

You don’t have to look elsewhere. Hertz Electrical offers weatherproof outdoor digital clocks in different styles to suit your needs. These clocks are designed for use in extreme conditions and are perfect for schools, buildings, bus and train strain stations, and many other locations where accurate timekeeping is needed.

Our outdoor digital clocks are high-quality products sourced from the leading clock manufacturers in Europe. They are compliant to the German DIN standards. These clocks are robust, versatile and are ready for use in different environments.

BQ38 Calendar Flip Clock

All-Weather Outdoor Digital Clocks

The digital clocks we offer feature high-quality, ultra-bright, and highly readable LED displays. They have automatic brightness control and real-time synchronization. It automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the ambient light conditions.

Choose from different sizes of outdoor digital we offer. Some models have embedded microprocessors that allow the clock to respond to various synchronization sources for absolute accuracy. 

Key Features of Weatherproof Digital Clocks

  • Bright – Display clock suits all-day viewing, even in direct sunlight and at night with poor lighting conditions
  • Automatic brightness adjustment.
  • Accurate – It can take the signal from different sources for synchronization.
  • Robust and reliable – They are dustproof and function well in all wet conditions.
  • Multi-functional – You can add other features to the unit like temperature display to give it extra functionality.
  • Wide coverage – It is visible even from a long distance.
  • Expansive area for display – LED display clocks have a large time display and space to show time, date, temperature, which are useful for outdoor use.

Various Applications

Hertz Electronics offers a wide range of outdoor digital clocks in weather-rated cases that are perfect for use in industrial and commercial applications and where clocks that can withstand high humidity conditions are needed.

It is ideal for use in rail, road, and air transportation systems as well as industrial and commercial installations. All our clocks are approved for use in Australia to provide an illuminated and highly visible display of time, time and date and even temperature for every lighting condition. These clocks operate without maintenance and guaranteed to last.

Genuine Products from Hertz Electronics

Get the best deals on high-quality time telling devices from Hertz Electronics. Our company is dedicated to delivering only the best products at affordable prices. Choose from our selection of analogue and digital clocks that suits your needs.

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About Hertz Electronics

Hertz Electronics was established in Australia in April 1980 with the aim of providing technical timing solutions for optimum performance. Our focus is on long term value and reliability, and Hertz Electronics therefore offers products and systems of the highest quality rather than the lowest price.

Most of our equipment is sourced from Europe (UK, Germany, Switzerland), and is based on the German DIN Standards (Deutsche Industrie Norm). We leave the “dive to the bottom” to other companies, and avoid products manufactured in China. When it comes to clocks, you get what you pay for, and our customers return to us time after time because they know they are getting the best quality at a competitive price.

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