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Outdoor Digital Clocks

January 18, 2021 / / by Domain Bird Support

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We are dedicated to giving you the best deals and high quality products. Hertz Electronics continues to provide a huge selection of the very best products and excellent customer service experience.

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Do you need highly visible and synchronized digital clocks designed for outdoor conditions?

Hertz Electronics has the perfect solution for you. Our outdoor digital clocks are designed for the outdoors. They are suitable for use in bus stations, train station platforms, airports, shopping centres, educational institutions, sports facilities, offices, and other facilities that need reliable timekeeping.

Most of the outdoor digital clock that we offer are sourced from the best manufacturers in Europe, namely, Switzerland, UK, and Germany. Its technology is compliant with the German DIN standards. That means you will get your money’s worth when you avail of our products.

BQ38 Calendar Flip Clock

High-Quality Yet Affordable Outdoor Digital Clocks

Hertz Electronics offers high-quality digital clocks with ultra-bright digits that you can use outdoors. These clocks have stylish designs and an affordable price tag. With a wide range of digital clocks to choose from, you can select from four-digit or six-digit LEDs, formatted with hours and minutes and can be mounted directly on walls.

Some models have voice functions that tell the time at a predetermined rate. These clocks can run the gamut in pricing with some relatively affordable and some that have multiple functionalities can cost more. We offer digital clocks with the most innovative and unique features at competitive prices.

Our high-end outdoor digital clock are suited for the outdoor environment and can be used with the master controlled system. With this system, you can easily add clocks or replace the worn-out clocks. It will automatically synchronize with all the other clocks in the line.

Advantages of Using Outdoor Digital Clock

Outdoor digital clocks differ by its looks and by its tolerance to temperature and weather conditions. Hertz Electronics sources the leaders in the market of digital clocks. It offers a variety of clocks and actuating devices integrating automatic time adjustments.

Most of their products decorate the streets, squares, and buildings in many parts of Australia. Using digital clocks has many advantages. It includes the following:

  • Better Readability – LED clocks are convenient and quicker to read due to the bright glow of digital. Large and open spaces benefit from this because people can read the time at a glance even from a long distance.
  • Functional Even at Low Light – When it is dark, or the lights are dimmed, installing digital clocks make sense because people can see the time even when the lights are out.
  • More Accurate – Digital clocks give accurate time. Unlike the quartz movement of analogue clocks, it is more reliable in telling the time.

To find out more about our different outdoor digital clocks, call or fill in the form online. We will get back to you immediately.

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About Hertz Electronics

Hertz Electronics was established in Australia in April 1980 with the aim of providing technical timing solutions for optimum performance. Our focus is on long term value and reliability, and Hertz Electronics therefore offers products and systems of the highest quality rather than the lowest price.

Most of our equipment is sourced from Europe (UK, Germany, Switzerland), and is based on the German DIN Standards (Deutsche Industrie Norm). We leave the “dive to the bottom” to other companies, and avoid products manufactured in China. When it comes to clocks, you get what you pay for, and our customers return to us time after time because they know they are getting the best quality at a competitive price.

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