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Large Digital Wall Clocks

January 18, 2021 / / by Domain Bird Support

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We are dedicated to giving you the best deals and high quality products. Hertz Electronics continues to provide a huge selection of the very best products and excellent customer service experience.

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There are many options if you are looking for wall clocks. However, the large digital wall clocks give more convenience and functionality as compared to analogue wall clocks. You can choose from a wide variety of digital wall clocks, and some of them even display additional information like seconds, date, and year.

These clocks are accurate and easy to read. Some of them even have the quartz movement of analog clocks which makes them highly reliable and accurate. You can also sleek from various sleek designs and made like silver and wood tone with their high contrast screens that provide better visibility.

Hertz Electronics offers a wide range of digital wall clocks to choose from. Our company is the trusted leader in the digital clock providers in Australia. With more than 30 years of experience, our digital timing solutions are made for optimum performance.

BQ38 Calendar Flip Clock

High-Quality Digital Clocks

Our products are sourced from the best in Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, and the UK. These clocks are compliant to the German DIN Standards, that means all of them are high-quality. Despite its quality, we sell them at affordable prices. Our business depends on our customer’s satisfaction, and we don’t want to disappoint them. That is why we sell only the best and value for money products.

With our friendly and high-quality products, we are the leading contractor of timing solutions to schools, universities, companies, banks, and different businesses. We also offer wireless wall clocks that do not only display time but other features too like day and date display.

Trendy and Contemporary

Did you know that you can also incorporate digital wall clocks in home decorating and interior design? Digital timepieces have become a trendy decorating item, and you can find one that matches the lighting and colour of your walls and floors.

There are many benefits for using digital wall clocks, aside from being a decorative piece. It is also a good timekeeper. Digital clocks are more user-friendly and convenient to read than analogue clocks. It has excellent resolution and lights up, which is ideal both for indoor and outdoor decorating. Some digital clocks can also be programmable and can tell the time in different languages.

Large digital wall clocks are ideal for use in different industries because they are readable even from afar. You can get added functionality like date, day and synchronization at an affordable cost.

Choose your digital wall clocks from our different styles, colours, and designs. Call us now for more details.

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About Hertz Electronics

Hertz Electronics was established in Australia in April 1980 with the aim of providing technical timing solutions for optimum performance. Our focus is on long term value and reliability, and Hertz Electronics therefore offers products and systems of the highest quality rather than the lowest price.

Most of our equipment is sourced from Europe (UK, Germany, Switzerland), and is based on the German DIN Standards (Deutsche Industrie Norm). We leave the “dive to the bottom” to other companies, and avoid products manufactured in China. When it comes to clocks, you get what you pay for, and our customers return to us time after time because they know they are getting the best quality at a competitive price.

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