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Digital Exam Clocks

January 15, 2021 / / by Domain Bird Support

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We are dedicated to giving you the best deals and high quality products. Hertz Electronics continues to provide a huge selection of the very best products and excellent customer service experience.

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More schools are switching exam clocks from analogue to digital clocks!

This comes as no surprise as teachers have highlighted the inability of many students to read time from analogue clocks and their familiarity with reading time in a digital format. It is a fact. Due to the amount of time young people are spending in front of their computer screens, mobile devices, and even TV, it has taken away their ability to read the hands of an analog clock.

To cope up with this challenge schools are replacing analogue clocks in the exam room with digital clocks. This action was implemented because young students are having a difficult time reading analogue clocks while under stress and cannot determine how much time they have left to finish their exams.

BQ38 Calendar Flip Clock

The Best Digital Exam Clocks

Hertz Electronics offers digital exam clocks for the education sector in Australia. Having been in the business since 1980, they provide schools with the perfect timing solutions for maximum performance. We provide high-quality products and systems at very affordable prices.

We offer a wide variety of different digital clock models for external and internal use in schools and universities. These digital clocks have a wide viewing angle, which is ideal for exam halls and can be customized with a choice of colours and sizes.

Synchronized Clock System

Increase the learning time for your students with our Synchronized Clock System. It ensures that all the clocks in your premises display at the same time. It will save you from maintenance cost because it automates during the time changeover.

At Hertz Electronics, you can be sure that you get not only quality products. They are also 100% guaranteed as all our products are reliable and sourced from the best makers of analogue and digital clocks. These clocks are based according to the German DIN Standards. That means our products are real value for money.

Leading Digital Exam Supplier in Australia

With our reputation as a leading supplier of digital exam clocks in Australia, you can be sure of our top of the line products and high-quality service. The company prides itself on delivering tailored solutions for our customers.

Whenever you need digital clocks, think of Hertz Electronics. We offer digital clocks for small-scale users as well as large companies and industries. Our dedication to providing the best deals and high-quality products is what made us stay for more than 30 years in the business.

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About Hertz Electronics

Hertz Electronics was established in Australia in April 1980 with the aim of providing technical timing solutions for optimum performance. Our focus is on long term value and reliability, and Hertz Electronics therefore offers products and systems of the highest quality rather than the lowest price.

Most of our equipment is sourced from Europe (UK, Germany, Switzerland), and is based on the German DIN Standards (Deutsche Industrie Norm). We leave the “dive to the bottom” to other companies, and avoid products manufactured in China. When it comes to clocks, you get what you pay for, and our customers return to us time after time because they know they are getting the best quality at a competitive price.

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