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Digital Clocks with Day and Date

January 18, 2021 / / by Domain Bird Support

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Knowing the time and day of the week is vital for several reasons. People need to keep track and keep their appointments, the timing of their medications and maintain a consistent daily routine. We used to have an analogue called clocks for the elderly and the visually impaired that features a large, easy to read display to make things easier. You can also have digital clocks with day and date. This is ideal for people who need to know the time and date quickly. 

These digital clocks have high-resolution display and background for contrast, plus the day and date function. They are also great for the elderly and people with Alzheimer’s because they have a hard time remembering the day and date.

Hertz Electronics offers clocks with day and date display in analogue and digital versions. However, we strongly recommend our digital clocks with day and date. It has a high resolution, allowing you to read the time, day, and date well.

BQ38 Calendar Flip Clock

High-Quality Digital Calendar Clocks

You can buy many cheap calendar clocks on the market, but they do not have automatic functions and have to flip over the next day to change the date. It can be cumbersome because you may forget to press the button every day.

Hertz Electronics sells only fully automatic calendar clocks. These calendar clocks are programmed with the number of days in each month and can even handle leap years. You can have the battery operated options that use easily accessible batteries.

However, we strongly recommend the mains powered digital LED Calendar Clocks. These digital clocks with day and date are illuminated and never run out of power. It comes in different styles and can be mounted on walls. As long as it is plugged into a standard powerpoint, there is no need to change batteries. It is ideal to use as a wall clock with day and date that can be read at night.

The digital calendar clocks can be read from a long distance and are ideal for large rooms and people with poor eyesight. It also has an ambient light sensor which can detect the brightness of the room and adjust accordingly.

Digital Clocks with Day and Date

If you are looking for digital clock with day and date, you only have one company to call, Hertz Electronics. We offer different types of calendar clocks that could change your life.

For more information, get in touch with any of the representatives from our company. Call or fill the online form, and we will get in touch.

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